How it works

When you give us a call, we do our best to schedule you on the specific days that you’re available. We take pride in the work that we do, and we want to ensure that you’re able to pitch in, get the job done and feel more relief than you have in a while. Who wouldn’t want something like this when it comes to the look and feel of their home?

There are many reasons why someone might use our services, and whatever the reason is; you do not have to feel embarrassed to give us a call. You’re calling us to better your life, to de-clutter it and provide yourself with wide open spaces. Make the most of the services that we provide when you use us to your advantage.

Call Us for an Appointment

When you give us a call, you will speak with our award winning desk staff. They will work with you to come up with a good time that works for you. We will have to assess the amount of junk that needs to be removed to come up with an estimate. This time is then open, so we can come stop by, speak with you to learn more about you, and the needs that you have.

We Provide an Estimate

Once we come during our allotted time period, we will then speak with you about the price estimate. We have competitive, affordable prices that will allow you to have your junk removed, with minimal hassle. We can then schedule a time to come out and remove it for you, hassle free.

We Come Remove the Junk For You

We will come during the agreed upon time, and provide you with the number of hours we’ve agreed upon, as well. From there, you just point and let us know what needs to go and what doesn’t. This helps you sit back and relax while we take care of the problem that is surrounding you. Who wouldn’t want it any other way?

We Dispose of it in a Responsible Manner

All of the junk that we take from client’s homes is disposed of properly for the environment, and for the health and safety of those of us around it. We will not remove hazardous materials that may be sitting inside your home, and you may have to call someone specially to have these items removed.

If this process seems like one you could feel comfortable using, then speak with our professionals more. Not only do we provide exceptional service but we are always available when you need us. Find out more today!

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